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About the Company

Welcome to Leamington, Ontario, the Tomato Capital of Canada. It’s no surprise that a tomato hook which would allow farmers to save both time and money would be manufactured here.

Neil Enns, owner/operator of Wind Twine & Hooks Inc has worked for many years in the greenhouse industry. It was here that he saw a need for hooks that came pre-wound which would be very useful to the greenhouse farmers.



Rewinding Hooks and Rollers

At Wind Twine & Hooks Inc. clients can have their used hooks and tomato rollers rewound to use again. This type of “recycling” allows the hooks and rollers to be used several times and saves money to the farmer. This service is cost-effective to farmers in the Leamington area who can drop off their old hooks or rollers and pick up the rewound cases. Prices vary by volume, and shipping or delivery services.

For more information about our products or to receive a personalized quote for your order, please contact Wind Twine & Hooks Inc.

CALL: 519-324-9781 or 519-919-1149
Leamington, ON, CANADA

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